About Us

In 2017, Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure and Eclipse Awards entered an extended partnership to enhance the Envision Awards program, with the goal of recognizing leadership in building sustainable infrastructure around the world. The partnership is a natural fit for both organizations due to the shared values and goal of advancing sustainability.

Eclipse Awards is a boutique trophy shop and maker of eco-friendly recognition awards. Located in the heart of Vancouver, BC. Founded in 1998 with a strong commitment on quality materials and great designs, Eclipse has established itself as a respected awards designer and supplier, sought out by clients throughout North America and beyond.

Eclipse Awards’ journey towards sustainability began in 2004 and continues to this day. In 2014, Eclipse Awards was recognized as BC’s Best Green Business. The company has completed ClimateSmart Certification 7 times and became the world’s first carbon neutral awards company in 2015 via offsets, which means that all Envision Awards produced by Eclipse Awards are carbon neutral.

In 2019 Eclipse Awards installed a rooftop 2.56kW solar panel system and has also been 100% bullfrog powered with green energy since 2009.

Beyond sustainability, Eclipse Awards is committed to restoring and regenerating the environment. Through a partnership with The Eden Reforestation Project, Eclipse has planted over 35,000 trees and will plant 5 more trees for every Envision Award produced!

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